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Direct Export Company has been in business over 40 years as a Trading Company specializing in permanent floral, home and garden décor for everyday, and a complete line for Christmas. Direct Export creates two new product lines each year: One for Everyday and One for Holiday. Our creative team develops new products and themes for each season. We offer both botanically correct and decorative renditions of actual plants. Our Everyday line consists of approximately 6,000 sku’s and our Christmas line has approximately 10,000 sku’s. About 70% of our Christmas line is created by our designers; items you will not find anywhere else. We offer all of these products, both Everyday and Holiday, under the Designers Excellence brand.

You can find our products beautifully displayed in the largest showroom in The International Trade Plaza at the Dallas Market Center in Dallas, Texas during the June Everyday and January Holiday markets. Our showroom is decorated to show our product used in design and to offer display and merchandising ideas. Simply stated, our showroom is magnificent!

Our selling calendar is well defined for both seasons. Our new Everyday products are available for purchase in May and June with delivery in January, while our Christmas products are available for purchase in December and January with delivery in June/July/August. We make our products to order and sell only in small pack master cartons quantities. We also have a selection of products that are available for immediate delivery. Find those products on our Opportunity Buys page.

We use contract freight carriers through an extensive bidding process to ensure the most cost effective and efficient delivery of your products. Direct Export Company has the highest Fill-Rate and best reputation for On-Time Delivery in the industry.

Our primary markets are in North, Central, and South America. We conduct business in our showroom in Dallas.

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Our Location

Located In Beautiful Dallas, Texas

Dallas Market Center
The Plaza/ 2F310
2000 N. Stemmons Freeway
Phone: 1.888.881.0055
Web: www.directexp.com

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