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Take a video tour of the Direct Export Holiday Forest

Light up the Holidays with Stay-lit Lights

Direct Export Company is a semi-exclusive source for the patented Stay-lit® lights that features a microchip in each socket to keep current running through the light strands. With Stay-lit® strands, lights will stay lit if a single bulb goes out, is broken or even missing from the strand! Our standard lighting systems are configured with interconnected light plug nests.

We feature several standard lighting systems from which to choose including incandescent, LED clear and multi-colored mini lights, globe lights, and candle light varieties.

Power up with Easy Pole Trees

Light your tree with specialty lights

Cluster Lights and More!

Direct Export carries the fun and festive Cluster Lights and Compact Lights.  These lights come in a variety of lengths and light counts.  All are CUL rated, have a 50,000 hour burn time, work indoor and outdoor, AND never break!  We have developed new colors and a variety of styles for our collection, some battery operated with remotes and some with multiple light functions.

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